The warranty covers any factory defects that occur on the watch/product that you have purchased from us. The warranty will not be valid if the watch/product has been exposed to any form of external damage.

We follow Swedish consumer law which means 36 months of legal guarantee (3 years).

For some of the brands we sell, an international warranty is also included, where it is the manufacturer who honours the warranty, and in that case, you can leave your watch with any authorized dealer. Normally a warranty card/book is included as proof of this, which must then also be presented.

Note! The following causes are not covered by the warranty:

  • Damage caused by improper care, carelessness, improper use or other damage not due to material or manufacturing defects.
  • Damage caused by intervention by anyone other than our own service centre.
  • Damage to winding buttons and glass, scratches on glass, link and case.
  • Damage to leather bracelets, plastic straps, links, as well as surface coating on either of these, as well as damage to the watch.
  • Water damage to non-waterproof watches (waterproof =10 ATM) this also applies to bracelets.

Goods damaged in transport

It is advisable that the customer check their delivery upon arrival to verify that this is correct and flawless.

If a product from Magnussons Ur is damaged during transport, regardless of whether the damage is clearly visible or hidden, this must be notified immediately to the shipping company, but no later than in 14 days. The damage should also be reported to Magnussons Ur as soon as possible for information about compensation and how we proceed.

Other Services

If you have a watch in need of service or repair, then feel free to contact us for more information on, for example, rates. We have our own service workshop and can perform service and repairs on most watches. It doesn’t have to be bought from us.


If the watch/product you purchased has broken and you wish to make a complaint, please start by contacting us to see if there is something we can help you with, without the product being sent in. If the product needs to be sent to us, please fill out our Repair form that you will find further down on the page, please also send us the receipt if you still have it.

Package the product in such a way that it is not damaged during transport; the defective product should be handled as if it were flawless. You do not need to send the original box for the product.

If we believe that the error is likely to be a manufacturing error and is covered by warranty when you contact us, you will receive a prepaid shipping label from us to send the product with free shipping.

In case of doubt, you, as the customer will pay for shipping yourself, and if later, it turns out that the fault is covered by warranty, we will compensate you for the shipping costs.

If the watch is to be sent from abroad, the customer is responsible for shipping to us + any charges.

All final assessments regarding the warranty can only be made after we (Magnussons Ur) have checked the product physically; we cannot guarantee that the defect falls under warranty before we check it. If our assessment is that the error is not covered by warranty, you will be notified of this by email together with a cost estimate to have the product repaired.

Note! In cases where errors cannot be detected, Magnussons Ur has the right to charge a handling fee of 200 SEK + VAT + shipping both ways for the case. If you, as a customer, have already paid the shipping to us, we only charge for the shipping back to you.

The same applies when the fault on the product turns out not to be covered by warranty. If you accept our cost estimate for fixing the product that we sent you, you can disregard these costs, as it is the price in the cost estimate that applies.