To shop with us

We want it to be easy to shop with us and have tried to design the website to make it easier for you as a customer. To place an order, just do as follows:

  • Select the products you want to buy and put them in your shopping cart.
  • Go to check-out and fill in your details. Don’t forget to fill in all the details carefully.
  • You can also write a message to us if you e.g. wish to have your watch shortened before it is sent. This, you do in the “message” field.
  • Pay for your order by invoice, instalment, card or online banking.

Once the order has been placed, you will also receive an email confirmation of your order.

Secure payment

We use Klarna to manage your payment. You choose how you want to pay, and you can pay by invoice, instalment, online banking or card. For you to feel safe, we have as many payment options as possible, and it costs you nothing extra as a customer. (except for some instalment options)

Ordering Terms and Conditions

To be able to shop at Magnussons Ur, you must have reached the age of 18 or have the approval of a guardian before placing an order. Orders placed in the name of another person without their consent or otherwise causing Magnussons Ur to suffer financial damage, are reported to the police.

Shipping free of charge

We send most shipments with Postnord (No 1 for shipments from the Nordic Countries) for it to be as smooth and safe as possible for you as a customer. All our shipments are traceable. If you shop for more than SEK 999, we will send your package free of charge within Sweden.

You can also choose to pick up your package in our store in downtown Gothenburg. It won’t cost you anything extra.

Shipping to Norway

At shipping to Norway, the goods are purchased without VAT. You are liable to pay that VAT as a customer in Norway on import. Please always contact us before you wish to have your goods shipped to Norway.

Free insurance

When you shop at Magnussons Ur and you live in Sweden, free insurance for your watches and jewellery that are valued at over 900 and up to 50,000 SEK is always included. Full terms and conditions for the insurance can be found here (in Swedish). .


If you regret your purchase or for any other reasons wish to exchange your item, we will give you up to 14 days right of return, counted from when you received the item. The item shall be returned in the same condition as when you received it. The right of withdrawal is void if the goods are used in such a way as to significantly reduce their value. This applies to both the product itself, the manual or the like with which it was supplied. If these requirements are not met, the right of return is void, as it represents a significant part of the value for watches and jewellery. Both the product itself and the original packaging, manual and the like that are supplied should be returned. If this is not fulfilled, the right of withdrawal is also void.

In case of withdrawal, any shipping costs will not be repaid.

Especially applicable for watches:

The right of return is void the moment a link is removed from the watch. Likewise, the right of return is void if the original packaging/case or the one supplied with the watch is damaged.

If you wish to return your item, please contact us at, and we will email you instructions for returning your product.

If you choose not to pick up your package.

If a package cannot be delivered due to incorrect name and/or address information, the change of delivery method will be charged to you, as the customer, at a cost of, at the moment, 200 SEK. If you want to cancel/discard an order and do not want to collect the package that has already been delivered from us, you will be charged the shipping cost of 150 SEK.


The warranty covers any factory defects that occur on the watch/product that you have purchased from us. The warranty will not be valid if the watch/product has been exposed to any form of external damage.

We follow Swedish consumer law which means 36 months of legal guarantee (3 years).

For some of the brands we sell, an international warranty is also included, where it is the manufacturer who honours the warranty, and in that case, you can leave your watch with any authorized dealer. Normally a warranty card/book is included as proof of this, which must then also be presented.

Note! The following causes are not covered by the warranty:

  • Damage caused by improper care, carelessness, improper use or other damage not due to material or manufacturing defects.
  • Damage caused by intervention by anyone other than our own service centre.
  • Damage to winding buttons and glass, scratches on glass, link and case.
  • Damage to leather bracelets, plastic straps, links, as well as surface coating on either of these, as well as damage to the watch.
  • Water damage to non-waterproof watches (waterproof =10 ATM). This also applies for bracelets.


If the watch/product you purchased has broken and you wish to make a complaint, please start by contacting us, to see if there is something we can help you with, without the product being sent in. If the product needs to be sent to us, please fill out our Repair form that you will find further down on the page, please also send us the receipt if you still have it.

Package the product in such a way that it is not damaged during transport; the defective product should be handled as if it were flawless. You do not need to send the original box for the product.

If we believe that the error is likely to be a manufacturing error and is covered by warranty when you contact us, you will receive a prepaid shipping label from us to send the product with free shipping. In case of doubt, you, as the customer, will pay for shipping yourself, and if, later, it turns out that the fault is covered by warranty, we will compensate you for the shipping costs. If the watch is to be sent from abroad, the customer is responsible for shipping to us + any charges. All final assessments regarding the warranty can only be made when we (Magnussons Ur) have checked the product physically; we cannot guarantee that the defect falls under warranty before we check it. If our assessment is that the error is not covered by warranty, you will be notified of this by email together with a cost estimate to have the product repaired. Note! In cases where errors cannot be detected, Magnussons Ur has the right to charge a handling fee of 200 SEK + VAT + shipping both ways for the case. If you, as a customer, have already paid for the shipping to us, we only charge for the shipping back to you. The same applies when the fault on the product turns out not to be covered by warranty. If you accept our cost estimate for fixing the product that we sent you, you can disregard these costs, as it is the price in the cost estimate that applies.

Personal data

You will find how we handle your personal data on our GDPR page.


The terms and conditions at Magnussons Ur are applicable where Swedish law applies, or where other applicable law does not provide terms that are in conflict with these. For private consumers, the Consumer Sales Act and the Distance Contracts Act also include protection for Magnussons Ur. More information is available on the Consumer Agency’s website,

Errors on the website

In case of errors on the website, Magnussons Ur reserves the right to change all information, including but not limited to prices, technical specifications and product offers, without prior notice. In the event of any problems such as an item being sold out, or an item has an incorrect price, Magnussons Ur has the right to cancel the purchase and refund any sums paid in the best way suitable. Magnussons Ur shall then also notify the customer if replacement or equivalent item is available for sale.

Magnussons Ur makes reservations for printing errors, errors in information, and errors in specification, on all Magnussons Ur’s range of products and services.

All image information should be considered as illustrations and cannot be guaranteed to reflect the exact appearance and character of an item.

Force Majeure

Events such as war, natural disasters, strikes, government decisions, absent deliveries from supplier, price increasing circumstances and comparative events outside Magnussons Ur’s control, which is not reasonably foreseeable, shall be considered force majure, which means that Magnussons Ur will be released from its obligations to fulfil contractual agreements.


Any disputes are resolved primarily in discussion with our customer service. We follow the recommendations of the National Board for Consumer Disputes and otherwise refer to the European Commission’s online dispute resolution tool: